Protect Packages And Deliveries From Porch Pirates With Big Boring Box Technologies Inc.™

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Protect Packages And Deliveries From Porch Pirates With Big Boring Box Technologies Inc.™

With cheaper deals and better prices, online shopping has taken over the conventional methods of shopping in stores. While many people prefer buying things online, the pandemic has only intensified this trend by helping people avoid face-to-face interaction. However, as online shopping increases, so do deliveries, and unfortunately, many of those delivered packages lie unattended, making them an ideal target for theft.

So how can you keep your deliveries safe?
We at Big Boring Box Technologies Inc.™ have introduced a solution to keep your deliveries safe, and it’s called The Big Boring Box™. It’s the first collapsible smart security box. This lightweight security box can be placed on the front doorstep and can be set up in seconds. It is designed to protect deliveries from thieves and weather damage.

How does The Big Boring Box™ work?
It arrives in a flat package and takes less than thirty-five seconds to set up. It connects directly to any door securely using our Boot, the included strapping system, or to most surfaces using our patented clip. Made with tough and durable lightweight plastic, the Big Boring Box™ collapses flat when not needed to save space, making storage a snap.

Why should you use The Big Boring Box™?
Package theft is at an all-time high right now. 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost in the US every single day! So protecting deliveries and preventing theft is imperative. The Big Boring Box™ smart package offers smart doorstep security to any space. It is for those who live in single-family dwellings, essentially customers who have a ground-level accessible front door by which they receive packages. Those living in townhouses and rowhomes or residences with little to no front entrance space especially benefit from the compact and collapsible design of the Big Boring Box™.

If you are interested in buying The Big Boring Box™, then click here for details and specifications. The Big Boring Box™ is competitively priced and will be launching soon on Indiegogo. There are different alternatives to this product in the market, but they are bulky, permanent structures that are often considered esthetically unappealing.

For more details about The Big Boring Box™, reach out to us at Big Boring Box Technologies Inc.™. We design and manufacture smart lockable security outdoor package delivery dropboxes to protect our customer’s property from theft. We can ship our contactless and secure package delivery drop boxes and other products throughout North America. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products or availing of our expert services, reach out to us at (604) 356-6971 or email us at

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