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“Providing innovative parcel security systems that protect customers’ property and businesses by way of reliable and intuitive products backed by exceptional support.”


This solution is the first collapsible smart security box, powered wirelessly through a simple mobile application interface. This box is placed on the front doorstep, acting as a safe and secure receptacle for package deliveries. LEARN MORE

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Are you worried about the security of your online Deliveries?


are stolen or lost every single day!

As the world increasingly becomes technologically driven, consumers are flocking towards online shopping as their preference of choice for purchasing goods. As a result of COVID-19 non-essential business closure, shelter-in-place orders, social distancing practices, an increase of working from home and self-isolating practices have consumers are relying more on online shopping to buy goods. The Big Boring Box™ ensures an added level of security to any home or business while also eliminating the hassle, costs, and delays of re-purchasing items due to theft.


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    Security Alerts
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    Remote Control
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    Rechargeable Batteries
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    Adjustable feet

The app will alert you if someone tries to tamper with the box.

Talk directly to the delivery driver or thief with visual and voice communication through the app.

Open and close your security box on command for the delivery guy or gal from anywhere.

Powerful high quality batteries that will last years. Sold to you at cost.

To fit any doorstep configuration.

Big Boring Box Technologies Inc.™ has great promise and a bright future ahead. Learn More about us.
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