What It Is

The Big Boring Box™ - Smart Doorstep Parcel Drop Box

Porch Pirate Lock Box | Home Package Delivery Lockbox | Anti-Theft Parcel Box

This solution is the first collapsible smart security box, powered wirelessly through a simple mobile application interface. This box is placed on the front doorstep, acting as a safe and secure receptacle for package deliveries.

It's Not So Boring

It's Actually Very Smart
Outside Parcel Box

Big Boring Box product features:

Outside Parcel Box
Secure Package Delivery Box
Voice Box
Lockable Package Delivery Box
Remote Lock
Home Package Delivery Lockbox
Motion Detector
Outside Parcel Box
Exterior Sensor
Secure Package Delivery Box
Mobile App Integrated Control System
Lockable Package Delivery Box
Fully Collapsible
Home Package Delivery Lockbox
Wireless Connectivity

The Big Boring Box™ is truly smart. Record audio/video and transmit live from the smart app onto a smartphone. Equipped with a motion detector that sends alerts instantly when triggered. See who is approaching, and communicate directly with the delivery driver through the built-in speaker.

The tamper alarm sends notifications if someone tries to break into the device, and weight sensors on both the lid and base help ensure the security of deliveries. Don’t worry, and get excited about protecting your packages from theft with the Big Boring Box™!

It arrives in a flat package and takes less than 35 seconds to assemble. It connects directly to any door securely using our Boot, the included strap or to most surfaces using our patented clip. Made with tough and durable lightweight plastic; the Big Boring Box™ collapses flat when not needed to save space, making storage a snap.

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